Community of Practice – CoP

The application of knowledge in the context of the organization is a differentiating factor of Lipronerg.

Based on the collaborative model of knowledge sharing and promotion, the Community of Practice (CoP) corresponds to Lipronerg’s areas of knowledge and expertise.

It is intended that CoPs are co-responsible for promoting an organizational environment favorable to creativity and the sharing of knowledge.

Principal CoP are Environment and Safety, BIM, Public Health and Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Energy Efficiency, Project Management, Mechanical Engineering, Virtual Environments and Simulation

Environment and Safety

Consulting and design of engineered solutions for the built enviroment.

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Creation and optimisation of Building Information Models for the disciplines of MEP.

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Public Health and Civil Engineering

Consultancy, engineering and design of Civil Engineering projects and Public Health Engineering projects for Buildings.

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Electrical Engineering

Consultancy, engineering and design of Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication and Automation projects for Buildings.

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Energy Efficiency

Study, design and development of innovative solutions for energy efficient, economical and environmental solutions.

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Project Management

Project Management and strategies for implementing projects.

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Mechanical Engineering

Consultancy, engineering and design of Mechanical Engineering projects for Buildings.

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Virtual Environments and Simulation

Creation and development of methodologies for integrated simulations of virtual environments in the areas of energy and environment.

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